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Folding Bikes!

Sun Bicycles Shortcut 7
Sun Bicycles Shortcut 7 - 2016

The Shortcut is a purpose built folding bike for the rider who finds free… [more]


Why buy a folding bicycle?

Origin8 F7 Folding Bicycle!  $479.99!  Walt's Cycle, Sunnyvale, CA




Easy to fold....




Folding bicycles can be put in the smallest of cars!  Even the Origin 8 folding bicycles!  Walt's Cycle, Sunnyvale, CA



Extremely compact for the smallest of cars...




 Take your folding bike onto any Public Transportation!  Walt's Cycle, Sunnyvale, CA

Easy to transport onto any public transportion....

Folding bicycles are fun to ride on paved trails or commuting to work!  Walt's Cycle, Sunnyvale, CA             

And most importantly, they're fun to ride!               

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