Walt's Cycle has a Full Repair Shop and also does bicycle overhauls!

Before and After of a Schwinn Lemon Peeler!

Walt's Cycle also offers tune-ups starting at $89.00 for a basic check, but for bicycles that need a little more attention, you may need the $125.00 tune-up for a more detailed repair.

Sometimes your bike may need a small adjustment or maybe a tune-up.  Just remember that small repairs could lead to bigger, more costly repairs if not taken care immediately. 

Stop by Walt's Cycle with your bicycle and our Expert Mechanics will give any helpful recommendations.  We have a huge selection of replacement parts as well as accessories!

We carry all sorts of parts for your bicycle to maintain its durability!

 No appointment necessary.  Just stop by and drop your bicycle off.  Please allow 1-3 days to complete Tune-Ups.