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Folding Portable Bikes

Oyama CX E8D
The CX E8D came about to solve a simple problem, how to get around and up when you just don't have the space, or let's face it, the legs to get around. Packed with features like a USB to charge your phone, and high quality rear rack, disc brakes, and a zippy Aikema hub motor.
Oyama Skyline IN7B
Have you ever wanted a bike to be easy? I mean really easy? No chain to worry about, no gears to fuss with? Just get on and ride, and oh, by the way it folds!
Oyama Skyline 7
No worries about getting chips in your paint, or leaving it out. The rust proof chain will keep on keeping on. The brushed aluminum looks great and it comes equipped with 7 speeds.
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