GT Velo Glide Ultra - Harley Davidson - 1999

GT Velo Glide Ultra - Harley Davidson


In 1999 GT Bicycles created a limited edition bicycle, the Velo Glide Ultra. Production of the Harley-Davidson Velo Glide Ultra was limited to just 1,000 bicycles. Under license from Harley-Davidson, GT Bicycles worked closely with designers at the motorcycle company, "Capturing the heritage and spirit of Harley-Davidson in a bicycle is quite a challenge," said Susan McPherson, Senior Manager, General Merchandise. "The Velo Glide Ultra succeeds in every respect. Inspired by Harley-Davidson's legendary Softail Custom motorcycle, the Velo Glide Ultra blends 1950's beach cruiser aesthetics with state-of-the-art bicycle technology. Near scale-model fenders and a mock gas tank are accentuated by classic Harley-Davidson components. Included on that list is a laser-etched air cleaner cover, a fired cloisonné medallion set into the gas tank and handlebar grips made of chrome and rubber. Though the Velo Glide Ultra appears to be a throwback to an earlier era, the technology of its components suggests it is indeed a product of its time. Shimano Nexus Flip-Fire shifters trigger a 7-speed drivetrain housed in the rear hub that is virtually maintenance-free. Contributing to the ultra-plush ride is a Rock Shox Jett suspension fork. Reliable braking is provided by Shimano Inter-M Roller Brakes, front and back."The seamless blending of contemporary technology and timeless design is a hallmark of Harley-Davidson," said McPherson. "The Velo Glide Ultra meets that standard." This is a one off truly superb example of a piece of Harley-Davidson Heritage.