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Adult Trikes!

Our Adult Trikes are perfect for the rehabilitation of the hips, knees, ankles, as well as thigh and calf muscles! An easy step-through frame makes it easy to mount the trike. Never learned to ride a bicycle? No problem!
Torker Tristar in action Walt's Cycle Sunnyvale
Our Adult Trikes will help you to balance.
Have your mobility and independence restored again!
Great for people between the heights of 4'8" to 6'1".
Our trikes have a weight capacity up to 250lbs/400lbs.
We carry Adult Trikes with 20" and 24" size wheels!

Torker 3 Wheel Adult Trikes! Walt's Cycle, Sunnyvale, California

Our Adult Trikes come 30" wide and will fit through most house and apartment doors.

Tricycles for Commercial Use

Trikes are easy to pedal and maneuver in any business environment. We have supplied tricycles to many warehouses, firms, manufacturing facilities, military bases, the Army, ths Navy, the Air Force, the U.S. Post Office, NASA, Northop Grummen, various airlines, as well as the American Counsel.
We find them helpful for moving light loads or commuting across large office buildings, warehouses, or campuses.
Bikes are a great asset in that they provide both mental and physical excercise, which in turn makes their riders become better workers and loyal employees.

Catalog of Adult Trikes